Know Fate is an 80 minute, speculative fiction feature film screenplay written by Angie Black. Second draft stage of script development to be written by Jane Allen.

The proposed feature film, Know Fate, written by Angie Black, received a script development grant for an actors’ workshop and reading of the second draft.

Key Creatives attached to the project 

Producer Mish Armstrong
Writer Jane Allen
Co-writer and Director Angie Black

In The Pines a physiological thriller/horror feature screenplay about the immense cost of messing with nature.

Based on the short story, In The Pines by Michael Harden.

Screenplay written by Angie Black and Michael Harden.

White Lady is a proposal for a 6 x ½ hour television ‘black comedy’ series.

A former child star of a hit 80s TV series about a kung-fu kicking aboriginal girl, is once again forced into the spotlight she has been long trying to avoid.

Co-creators/Co-Writers: Angie Black and Kate Schmitt